Safety – Fluorital


At Fluorital, we follow a programme for the MANAGEMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY that has enabled us to obtain ISO 45001 CERTIFICATION

Our workers’ well-being is our number one priority

In order to meet with this objective, we have endeavoured to reduce the risks for our employees by complying with and improving current occupational safety legislation.

These objectives have been incorporated into a programme for MANAGEMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY that has enabled us to obtain ISO 45001 CERTIFICATION.

Over time, we have identified the key areas on which we have decided to focus our attention in the programme:

Expertise, training and awareness

The aim is to ensure that workers are properly informed and trained to perform their OHS-related tasks (Occupational Health and Safety). As a result, theoretical and practical courses are provided while labels and safety data sheets on chemical agents are made available, and workers are provided with the relevant manual.

Operational control

We review and update the risk assessment annually. PREVENTION is the reason behind our consistency and ongoing commitment.

Performance enhancement

Complying with the legislation and regulations which apply to OHS is a goal that involves both workers and their safety representatives in a collective and individual prevention measure (health checks, company and individual safety equipment).

Risk identification and assessment

These items are outlined in the Risk Assessment Document that we have prepared in-house, taking into account the severity of the potential damage, the frequency of occurrence of the hazard, the presence and effectiveness of preventive measures (collective and individual, technical, organisational, procedural) and lastly, the company’s experience in the occurrence of the individual risk.