Research and development

The new Fluorital Research Laboratory benefits from cutting-edge equipment and many skilled and motivated technical workers, who are in close contact with the academic world and with our Customers’ manufacturing plants.

Research and continuous improvements in order to increase more and more products performance

Each different sector of the glass and metal industry has its specific needs and requires particular resistance tests, which become more demanding by the day.

In order to remain a leader and a point of reference in this dynamic and exciting market, our research laboratory is constantly engaged in the challenge to develop more and more efficient and resistant products. Not least, our research for aesthetic solutions is constantly evolving, with new pigments and finishes that we propose to our customers to satisfy the creative expectations of this market.

All our products are free of heavy metals, comply with the REACH rules and contain no SVHC.

bicchieri blu
bicchieri gialli
bicchieri viola

The objective is to arrive to devise products with improved performance in terms of resistance and applicability.

Continuing Investments

We strongly believe in research, therefore investing a significant amount of our resources in it is, for us, an essential part of our development and of our mission.

Improving products, creating new ones and improving the production processes.

Our goal is constantly to improve the products we offer to our customers. We believe in fact that research should be a long-term objective, especially focused on the future.

Technological innovation

By investing a significant amount of our resources in Research, along with the commitment to the manufacturing of better-performing products, Fluorital is constantly engaged in looking for mew aesthetic and environmental harmonization goals, while always keeping high quality and the technical and aesthetic features of decoration products as a cornerstone.