Research and development – Fluorital

Research and development

The new Fluorital research laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment and many trained and motivated technicians, in close contact with the university world and with the production realities of the Customers.

Quality made of paint

We invest in research on a daily basis to improve our products and create new ones

We strongly believe in the value of research: from the very beginning, it has been part of our mission to invest a significant portion of our resources in R&D. All this always with a special focus on ecological, environmental and occupational safety aspects in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications.

Since the early 1990s, we have specialised in the production of water-based glass decoration paints that offer high performance in terms of chemical and mechanical resistance. Over time, we have also transferred this experience to the decoration of plastics.

In keeping with our commitment to reduce atmospheric emissions for the benefit of the environment, our research laboratory has developed the next generation of high-performance water-based Uv-curing spray paints.

Not all systems are equipped for UV technology, so to enable the green philosophy to be adopted in these cases as well, we have formulated a water-based coating aimed at considerably reducing the curing temperature and thus, the environmental energy impact.

With sixty years of experience in the household appliance industry, our one- and two-component silk screen and pad printing inks are formulated to be suitable for the decoration of a large number of products, meeting the resistance specifications of various industries, such as the household appliance, perfumery and cosmetics sectors.

Our laboratory

Where our paints are created

Crosslinking systems for more resistant paints. A research and development centre, our laboratory is equipped with modern crosslinking systems with:

  • Static curing ovens
  • Three-dimensional crosslinking pilot system with IR lamps and UV lamps
  • Traditional UV curing lamps
  • UV LED curing lamps

Continuous testing for ever-higher performance paints

We have the equipment and instrumentation required for assessing:

  • Characterisation of the liquid product (viscosity, pH, FT IR analysis, etc.);
  • Characterisation of surface performance (climatic chamber, salt spray, xenon lamp accelerated ageing test chamber, UV lamp accelerated ageing chamber, linear wet and dry abrasimeter, Taber abrasimeter, pencil hardness)
  • Aesthetic quality of surfaces (gloss, haze, color rendering, colorimetry)
  • Industry-specific tests and specifications on film applied to various types of substrates (dishwasher resistance, eyewear sector specifications, household appliance sector specifications, cosmetics and perfumery sector specifications)

Research based on the highest quality standards

These are the aspects that guide our research and define the characteristics and merits of our coatings:

  • Regulatory aspects
  • Chemical test resistance characteristics
  • Mechanical test resistance characteristics
  • Ease of use and adjustment of the production line
  • Compatibility with silk screen printing processes
  • Film cross-linking conditions in terms of energy