Quality – Fluorital


A quality that has grown with us

In 1998, we obtained the UNI ISO 9001 “Quality Assurance” certification, demonstrating the transparency of our work method. The protection of our workers is just as important to us which is why, in 2012, we obtained OHSAS 18001, an important certification for safety, which always comes first for us. In 2019, we updated this certification to meet the new international standard, further improving our prevention policies.

Our company has always been focused on protecting the environment. Which is why we have undertaken to create ever more eco-sustainable products that are safe for users while improving our production processes. We use raw materials with a low environmental impact and we have significantly reduced harmful emissions and hazardous waste which has earned us UNI EN ISO 14001 certification, thus demonstrating that our method of managing the environment complies with all the regulations in force.

Our commitment is daily and aimed at:

  • guaranteeing the application of work and control methods that comply with the set standards, with the aim of maintaining certification of conformity to the UNI-EN-ISO-9001:2015 standard;
  • developing expertise;
  • providing suitable means to achieve and maintain the goals we have set ourselves;
  • improving the reliability of our deliveries (meeting deadlines, guaranteeing the condition and quality of the product);
  • reduce response and solution times;
  • constantly improving thanks to staff feedback;
  • collecting and monitoring the data related to different company activities;
  • tracing all operations and raw materials;
  • performing all the product analyses.