Total Quality for Fluorital means an all-round action under all aspects and in all areas.

Our experience and resources at your disposal

Total Quality for Fluorital means an all-round action under all aspects and in all areas.

Fluorital proves its real and continuing commitment not only to research and product quality, but above all, it undertakes to meet the needs and expectations of customers without ever skipping any steps in the corporate processes (from design to pre- and after-sale technical support).

Fluorital S.r.l. acts in compliance with the “Quality Assurance” UNI EN ISO 19001:2015

Customer satisfaction

We work interactively with our Customers

We know from our experience the importance to offer complete support to our customers. We work interactively with our Customers, discussing the best solutions for the satisfaction of their needs. We are proud to say we do not just sell products but we provide the support that permits to fully appreciate their value.

Quality control

We verify the compliance of all our products

Given the importance of this passage, and since in our opinion, the quality control should not be confined to the control of single products, but should examine the production process as a whole, we have decided to devote an entire testing laboratory to the “Quality Control”. In particular, the laboratory is engaged in:

  • verifying the features under the specification
  • fulfilling the sector-related technical documents
  • cross Customer assistance
  • guaranteeing to Customers the reproducibility of the color over time


We test our processes and plants

The quality of our product starts from the quality of our production processes and from continuous improvement. The maintenance and modernization of the plants ensure the continuity of production.

Quality Certification

With its Quality Assurance policy UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, which implements internationally recognized principles, Fluorital is committed within the various systems to:

  • developing skills;
  • providing suitable means for the achievement and maintenance of the targets it has set;
  • improving delivery reliability (compliance with delivery dates, guarantee of the condition and quality of the product);
  • reducing the times of response and resolution;
  • ensuring, through the maintenance of the certificate of conformity to the UNI-EN-ISO-9001:2015 rule, the application of work and control methods in line with the standards set;
  • continuous improvementthrough the involvement of the staff.
  • collecting and monitoring data relevant to the various business activities
  • traceability of all transactions and of raw materials
  • product-related analyses