VR-565 – Fluorital


One-pack varnish for roller machine application

Supports Metal
Methods of use Roller
Applications sectors Automotive, Household appliances


One-pack varnish for roller machine application. Formulated for decoration and protection of metal sheets wich are subject to post-forming process. Indicated for plaques, dashboards, grids and dial panels protection. Once the curing cycle is completed, the main characteristics of this varnish are:
• Adhesion on aluminium and steel;
• Resistance to solvents;
• Resistance to corrosion;
• High elasticity which allows, after a correct oven cycle, mechanical treatments such as cutting, bending, drilling, drawing, without any varnish scraping, not even in the more critical points;
• Excellent resistance to household cleaners, foodstuffs and organic acids contact, as required by major European houses of appliances specifications;
• Superficial hardness;
• Overprintable with our screen printing inks;
• Conformity to rule EN-71/3 for all colours.
• In compliance with REACH regulation.

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