U-5446 – Fluorital


UV Cross-linking, waterbased PRE-Metallization

Supports Plastic
Methods of use Spray
Applications sectors Giftware, Perfumery


UV varnish, One-pack (1K) waterbased, characterized by vacuum metallization high adhesion. Compared to U-5440 varnish, it develops a more elastic film with excellent adhesion on different types of plastics. After the UV cross-linking, varnish has high resistance to the test in accordance with major European houses of perfumery and packaging specifications. After UV curing unit exposure the film is completely cured and hardener. The main characteristics are:
• Adhesion on plastics;
• Low VOC;
• High gloss and transparency;
• Short flash-off;
• High solidity;
• Resistance to solvents, to alcohol, to parfums and creams as required by major European crands of cosmetics specifications;
• In compliance with rule EN-71/3;
• In compliance with REACH regulation.

Application sectors







varnish varnish UV

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