A new logo, the same story – Fluorital

A new logo, the same story

3 February 2021 News

With its logo, a company tells about itself, its identity: today, with its new logo, Fluorital enters a new era of growth and development and chooses an even clearer way to narrate its philosophy and mission. To do this, he chose the two colors that most symbolize his values: green and turquoise.

Green is the emblem of the environment, of eco-sustainability, of nature. 
The symbol of Fluorital’s commitment to a green company policy aimed at creating safe products and environmentally friendly production processes. This means raw materials with low environmental impact and a significant reduction in harmful emissions and hazardous waste: two goals that have earned Fluorital UNI EN ISO 14001 certification, which demonstrates the ethics of its environmental management system.

Turquoise, on the other hand, represents water, the element that gave life to the product Fluorital is most proud of: non-flammable paints with a low content of substances organic volatile, a true innovation that has made the company the protagonist of a sector that, in the 90s, was still unexplored and underestimated. A successful bet that, over the years, has taught Fluorital the inestimable value of research.