Mission – Fluorital


Here, at Fluorital, the final goal, the team work and in-depth research for a high-quality product are the result of the combination of tradition and innovation.

The values that underpin Fluorital are respect, collaboration with our customers and their feedback, high quality resulting from ongoing research, a customized and original product which respects the design.

Your satisfaction
is our goal

Our mission is to offer customers a service that surpasses their demands, in addition to a high-quality product. The secret of success lies in the research and collaboration which allows us to optimise the products based on real needs.

Producing both spray paints and silk screen printing inks gives us a broader view of the potential problems of combined decoration, with obvious benefits for the customer, who can deal directly with a single point of contact.

Our success is based on ongoing research

We firmly believe in research, a fundamental element for a company. The new Fluorital research laboratory uses cutting-edge equipment and numerous highly trained and motivated technicians in close contact with the university world and the customers’ production facilities.

Our ambition is to make research ever more comprehensive and complete, so in addition to the technical and functional aspects of the products, we also pay close attention to those related to the environment and health of end users.

By investing heavily in research, along with our commitment to the production of increasingly high-performance products, our aspiration is to constantly achieve new aesthetic and environmental harmonisation goals without ever sacrificing the high level of quality and the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the products used for decoration.

Our aim is to formulate products that continue to improve in terms of resistance and use.

Product customization


This is why, in addition to catalogue products, we also offer customized research and production processes on request, to fulfil the most specific requirements and create close cooperation with the customer.

Originality and design

We deal with colours not only from a technical but also from a creative point of view, so our research is directed at designers with the aim of providing them with new ideas to combine aesthetic and production requirements.

All-round quality

We demonstrate a genuine, ongoing commitment not only to research and product quality, but above all to meeting our customers’ needs and expectations without ever sacrificing the company’s processes, from design to pre- and after-sales technical support.

Fluorital quality assurance

Through our UNI EN ISO 9001 policy, which implements internationally recognised principles in the various systems at Fluorital, we are committed to:

  • developing expertise;
  • providing adequate means to achieve and maintain goals;
  • improving the reliability of delivery (meeting deadlines, guaranteeing the condition and quality of the product);
  • reducing response and solution times;
  • guaranteeing the application of working and control methods that comply with the set standards, by maintaining the certification in accordance with the UNI-EN-ISO-9001 standard;
  • always improving thanks to staff feedback