History – Fluorital


Our field of research extends to all areas of paint application

Colour has been our area of expertise for over sixty years

If there is one thing in which we excel, it is innovation. In sixty years, we have invented decorative solutions for low-temperature glass that have set us apart in the market: vitreous enamels for ceramics and glass, silk screen printing inks for household appliances, paints for eyewear.

In the mid-1990s, we pioneered non-flammable water-based products with low volatile organic compound content, when the market was not yet ready for a conscious shift towards environmental sustainability. We just couldn’t ignore it: we are still trailblazers today; we believe in finding the keys to interpret the future.

For over sixty years, Fluorital, a family-run business, has been renowned for its quality paints and inks for glass, plastic and metal. We pioneered non-flammable, water-based products with low volatile organic content and made eco-sustainability our greatest challenge, as demonstrated by all our environmental management certifications.

We have left an indelible mark on history with our paints


The beginnings

When it all started. Our journey towards new quality decorative solutions started with vitreous enamels for ceramics and glass.


First screen printing inks

Our first silk screen printing inks for the household appliances industry were developed: we started printing on licence plates, aluminium and steel control panels and on plastics for ovens, washing machines and refrigerators.


First paints for glass

We continued to experiment non-stop: our low-temperature organic paints for decorating glass in the lighting sector were created, almost at the same time as the development of silk screen printing inks for decorating flat glass for furniture.

The desire to broaden our horizons led to our decision to increase our investments, so we started the production of paints and enamels for the decoration of metal eyewear frames and sublimation inks for the production of aluminum foil transfers, also for the eyewear industry.


Research and Development

The mid-1990s was a historic period for us. It was during these years that we took a gamble on the research and development of non-flammable water-based paints for glass decoration, with a low volatile compound content. It is one of our most cherished milestones in which we have invested heavily. In the same period, we also produced our first UV-curing silk screen printing ink for glass.

In order to provide our customers with a clear view of how we operate in terms of quality, we obtained the UNI ISO 9001 “Quality Assurance” certification.

Along with glass, which is now the company’s core business, we have continued to diversify our production in recent years, positioning ourselves as a supplier of high-quality products in the eyewear, household appliance and automotive sectors


New offices around the world

We opened   in Amiens in the north of France, in the centre of the region that is home to the most important glassworks in the perfumery and tableware industry, with the aim of providing a faster and more efficient service to customers in France.

FLUORITAL USA inc. was also founded. The new overseas office enables the company to provide a service geared towards customers in the American market.

In the same period, we obtained OHSAS 18001 certification, which later became ISO 45001, plus UNI EN ISO 14001 certification for the Environmental Management System.


Fluorital turns 60.

Fluorital celebrated its sixtieth anniversary.

Sixty years have passed since 1956 and Bacchin and Barzan’s initial idea; we now have offices in four countries and export our products all over the world.

It is in research, in particular, that we continue to invest a large part of our resources, as we have always done: we firmly believe in the importance of innovation in order to formulate and produce high-quality, state-of-the-art paints, varnishes and inks that meet the ever-increasing expectations of our customers.