Certifications – Fluorital


ISO 9001

Every day, we demonstrate a real, ongoing commitment not only to research into and quality of the product, but also and, above all, to meet the expectations of our customers.

ISO 9001: IT 19/0761.00

ISO 14001

We work in compliance with environmental management systems to reduce the impact of our products on the environment and protect it.

ISO 14001: IT 19/0022.00

ISO 45001

Our health and safety management systems guarantee that our workers and customers will be welcomed into a safe environment.

ISO 45001: IT12/1174


We are aware of working in a sensitive sector, where the concept of sustainability plays a crucial role in the well-being of the environment in which we live.

For this reason, we are proud to have received a gold medal as recognition from Ecovadis, the most reliable company in the world that incorporates sustainability assessments.