Our Mission

The strength of our goals, of teamwork and of our thorough research on the highest quality of products make of our values a perfect combination of tradition and innovation

Between research and innovation, Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Respect, cooperation and attention to customers, high quality thanks to constant research, product personalization, originality and design: these are Fluorital’s keywords and values.

Partnership with the customer


Fluorital’s mission is to offer its Customers, in addition to a high-quality product, a service tailored to their needs.

The secret of our success, in fact, lies in research and in the partnership we build with our Customers, which allows us to optimize our products so as to meet their needs.

The fact of producing both spray paints and silk-screen inks gives us a global vision of the problems related to combined decoration. This results in considerable advantages for our Customers, who can interact across the board with just one contact person.



Fluorital strongly believes in research and it is also convinced that research is essential for any business. The new research laboratory of Fluorital profits from cutting-edge equipment and many skilled and motivated technicians, who are in close contact with the academic world and with our Customers’ manufacturing plants.

Fluorital aims to make research increasingly rich and complete; for this reason, in addition to the technical and functional aspects of its products, it also pays great attention to those related to the environment and the health of the operators that are going to use them.

By investing a lot in research, alongside with our commitment to manufacturing better performing products, we are constantly trying to add new accomplishments as regards aesthetics and environmental harmonization, always maintaining high quality and the technical and aesthetic features of the products used for decoration as a cornerstone.

The objective is to arrive to devise products with improved performance in terms of resistance and applicability.

Product Personalization


in order to maintain and increase its success through the offer of products that increasingly meet the needs of Customers.

For this reason, in addition to the standard catalogue products, it offers, to Customers who so request, personalized research and productions, so as to meet the most specific needs and create strong partnership with each Customer.

Originality and Design

Research deals with colors, not only from the technical standpoint, but also in a creative manner, and it aims at satisfying the needs of architects, designers and creative talents, for the purpose of constantly developing new ideas with you, and thus combine aesthetic and production needs with the resistance of the decoration.


Total Quality means, for Fluorital, take comprehensive action to cover all aspects in all areas.

Fluorital’s real and constant commitment is not limited to research and product quality. It undertakes to satisfy customer expectations without ever skipping any step in the corporate processes (from design to pre- and after-sale technical support: starting from the selection and control of incoming raw materials and the traceability of all production processes up to the finished product and its packaging).

Moreover, the network of plants created by Fluorital over the years is able to act in full autonomy to guarantee continuing production of quality paints and inks for our Customers.

Defining and using procedures and plants to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees is also something we never take for granted.

Fluorital Quality Assurance

With its Quality Assurance Policy UNI EN ISO 9001, which implements internationally recognized principles, Fluorital is committed, within the various systems, to:

  • developing skills;
  • providing suitable means for the achievement and maintenance of the targets it has set;
  • improving delivery reliability (compliance with delivery dates, guarantee of the condition and quality of the product);
  • reducing the times of response and resolution;
  • ensuring, through the maintenance of the certificate of conformity to the UNI-EN-ISO-9001 rule, the application of work and control methods in line with the standards set;
  • continuing improvementthrough the involvement of the staff.