Our History

Fluorital is a dynamic family business that has operated in the chemical industry for over 50 years in many countries around the world.





FLUORITAL was born in Treviso in 1956, it was a craft business founded by two partners, Barzan and Bacchin, for the production of paints, varnishes and enamels for metalwork and machinery. The first products Fluorital marketed included fluorescent paints, which would then give the company its name.

Subsequently, the company took the name FLUORITAL S.r.l. and began to manufacture frit enamels and glazes for ceramic and glass.

In order to meet the increasing demand of the nearby industries of the household appliance sector, the Fluorital laboratory studied the formulation of silk-screen printing inks for plaques, control panels (in aluminum and steel) and plastic materials for ovens, washing machines and refrigerators.




Spray paints and silk-screen inks for low-temperature glass decoration

Research was started for the production of organic, low-temperature paints for glass decoration in the lighting industry, almost at the same time as the study of silk-screen inks for flat glass used in furniture.

Around the end of the Eighties, after a number of conversions and changes in ownership, the company took on the present organizational structure.


Fluorital, increasingly eager to make new investments and broaden its horizons, started to produce varnishes and enamels for the decoration of glass frames in metal as well as sublimation inks to create transfers on aluminum sheets, also for the eyewear industry, through the subsidiary “Aurochim”.


In the meantime, Fluorital was exploring foreign markets; it opened a first branch in Poland and a warehouse in France to meet the growth in sales in the glass decoration industry that was expanding, in those years, into the tableware and perfumery sectors.

In 1994 Fluorital moved to the new office of Villorba, on a surface that now covers over ten thousand square meters and is the seat, in addition to the production areas, of the modern research and development center of the Company, in which all new products are devised.

Waterborne products

Around the mid-’90s, FLUORITAL put its faith in research and development related to waterborne paints for glass decoration and continued to invest in research, although until the beginning of the next decade, the market did not show a real interest in these environmentally friendly changes. This commitment has allowed Fluorital to gain years of experience, thanks to which it is now a world leader in this sector.

Birth of the first UV ink

1995 The production of UV-curing silk-screen inks began.

Today, as always, Fluorital invests large part of its resources in research, as the management strongly believes in the importance of research to create and produce cutting-edge varnishes, enamels and inks of high quality that can meet the increasing expectations of our Customers

Fluorital focuses more and more on the glass decoration market, where it is now recognized worldwide as a point of reference in terms of product innovation, quality and service

1998 Fluorital S.r.l. obtained the “UNI ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification”, for the aim of offering transparency to its Customers with regard to the way in which it operates in terms of quality.

Alongside glass, which is now the core business of the company, Fluorital is continuing to diversify its production, presenting itself as a manufacturer of high-quality products in the eyewear, household appliance and automotive industries.

2001 FLUORITAL FRANCE s.a.r.l. was opened in Amiens, in northern France (at the center of the region where the most important glassmakers of the perfumery and tableware sectors are located) for the aim of giving a more rapid and effective services to Customers based in France.

2007 Fluorital Polska moved to the new production site of Czestochowa, which is larger and more suitable to meet the needs of the growing market in Poland and in the Eastern Europe Countries.

2011 FLUORITAL Boya  was established in Istanbul, Turkey, in order to meet the growing needs of the tableware market, and with the objective of promptly responding to the demand of the market in Turkey and the bordering Countries of that area.

2012 Fluorital S.r.l. obtained the “OHSAS 18001” certification for health and safety. FLUORITAL USA Inc. was founded, with offices in Clifton (NJ) and a well-stocked warehouse in Allentown (PA).

This new overseas branch allows Fluorital to “throw a bridge over the ocean” and provide a suitable service to Customers located on the American market.

2013 In line with its commitment to manufacturing products that are increasingly eco-friendly and safe for their users, Fluorital has engaged in constantly improving its production processes and in 2013 it obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001 Certification concerning the Environmental Management System.

2015 Fluorital France moved to the new Boves production site, to enhance its production capacity and the development laboratory in support of its Customers.

2016 Fluorital celebrates its 60th anniversary. Sixty years have passed since Barzan and Bacchin had their idea, back in 1956, and today Fluorital has offices in five countries and exports its products all over the world.