Industrial paint manufacturer – Fluorital

Manufacture of industrial
paints and inks

Manufacture of high-quality technical and aesthetic industrial paints and inks for a variety of sectors
Fluorital: where quality and creativity are essential

Innovative paints that come from the heart of our laboratories

The new Fluorital research laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment and many trained and motivated technicians, in close contact with the university world and with the production realities of the Customers.

Every day we invest in research to improve our products and create new ones

Eco-sustainability is the watchword. It always has been.

The search for increasingly green solutions is one that has always driven us to improve, both in terms of the product and of production and disposal, without ever sacrificing our renowned aesthetic and functional performance. Find out more about our Green Policy

Paints which have rewritten the history of colour. Since 1956.

For over 60 years, color has been our art.
Our field of research extends to all areas of paint application

If there is one thing in which we excel, it is innovation. Vitreous enamels for glass and ceramic, silk screen printing inks for household appliances, paints for eyewear: in the last 60 years, we have created decorative solutions at low temperatures which have made us unique in the market.

In the mid-1990s, we pioneered non-flammable water-based products with low volatile organic compound content, when the market was not yet ready for a conscious shift towards environmental sustainability. We just couldn’t ignore it: we are still trailblazers today; we believe in finding the keys to interpret the future.

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