About us

Fluorital is a dynamic family business specializing in the sector of low-temperature glass decoration

We are a dynamic, pro-active business. We specialize in the production of spray paints and paints for reverse-roll coating, silk-sheet and pad-printing inks for industrial sectors where the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the products used for decoration have to be top-notch.

The secret of our success lies in research. We strongly believe and invest in research and in the development of a close partnership with our Customers, and these two features allow us to customize our products and meet the Customers’ specific needs.

Being producers of both spray paints and silk-screen inks, we are entirely aware of the problems related to combined decoration. This results in considerable advantages for our Customers, who can interact with one contact person for all their needs.

While we pay special attention to the constant innovation of our products, we are also set to pursue new aesthetic goals and improve our environmental performance.

Why choose Fluorital


You need quality people to make quality products, this is why we put at your disposal a team of skilled and motivated professionals to answer questions and meet all needs.

Excellence Technologies

Our business relies on cutting-edge, highly professional technologies to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. Contact us for personalized technical advice!


We operate in a dynamic, challenging environment that is constantly evolving; we have in fact opened many new markets in the last ten years to improve the service provided to all our Customers, wherever they are.