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Welcome to Fluorital

Fluorital is a dynamic family business that has operated in the chemical industry for over 60 years in many countries around the world. The secret lies in research and in the collaboration we have established with our Customers, which means that we are able to optimize our products so as to meet their needs

Manufacturers of spray paints and silk-screen inks

Fluorital manufactures decorative products for various industrial uses, where quality and creativity are key.

Fluorital produces spray paints, paints for reverse roll coating, silk-screen and pad printing inks of high technical and aesthetic quality for hollow glass used in perfumery, tableware, packaging, lighting and fancy goods, for the sector of flat glass for interiors, for the eyewear industry, and for the household appliance and automotive sectors.

The registered office, and the beating heart of its research, is in Italy, in the outskirts of Treviso, in a facility with an area of over 5.000 m2.


We offer: silk-screen inks and high quality paints for spray and reverse-roll coating for various industrial sectors



Fluorital S.r.l. has a number of certificates, including

ISO 9001,

ISO 14001

OSAH 18001


Fluorital in the world

Today, Fluorital has independent offices in several Countries both within and outside Europe, which confirms its firmly established international dimension